Digital Nomad Time Tracking: Make Life Easy in any Time Zone

What is a digital nomad? And why is tracking your time an essential skill while working on the move? I'm going to answer these questions and loads more in this article. Read on!

Digital nomad in Canggu, Bali
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Life as a digital nomad means breaking free from the stuffy nine-to-five office with Linda and setting sail for greener pastures, bluer seas and an annoyingly insta-perfect feed, working while you travel.

Sound ideal? Well, it can be. But as with all things there can be pitfalls, swings and roundabouts. Is it all too good to be true? Not if we can help it.

So what is digital nomad time tracking? For that matter, what is a digital nomad?

Digital Nomads. Who the Heck are They?

Digital nomads are skilled, somewhat tech-savvy professionals, who can make a living selling their services from anywhere. Writers, designers, coders, you name it. If you can do your work remotely or online, you can explore the globe while you do it. And that’s what they do.

This doesn’t just mean trading your office in Bromley for one in Buenos Aires - it means an entire new way of life. Building a successful business and crossing items off your bucket list simultaneously. Sightseeing whilst supporting yourself. Trading the office walls for any location your heart desires, whenever it desires.

That’s digital nomadism.

Sound difficult? Well, running your own business, especially an international one, can indeed come with some pains.

More Beaches, Less Business Management

You want life to be ideal but you’re doing brain-frying admin. You’re winging your working hours and stressing at deadlines. You’re not being paid enough and scouring for clients. You might even have to go back to the office with Linda! Oh no.

The best international freelancers use the right tools to keep things running smoothly. As a digital nomad you need to automate, delegate and outsource, so you have more time for that all-important paddleboarding, and less time agonising over the logistics of your business. But you need to do it in a way that keeps you efficient, professional and ultimately earning money.

Too good to be true? Well actually no, this time it isn’t.

Time trackers to the rescue

Time trackers and tools like RemoteOne can keep track of your hours, streamline your business and eliminate much of the admin you have to do in order to run your own business, allowing more time for mojitos! Or more time for work that pays, as opposed to the unpaid admin needed to keep your enterprise running.

Time Trackers Can Do the Busy Work For You

This freelancer admin doesn’t just waste time, but emotional stress too. So when time tracking, estimates, payments, reporting and invoices are all taken care of for you, you gain peace of mind.

With the right tool you will only have to do the work you love and that pays, and being your own boss won’t be any more difficult than working for ‘the man’. It makes it easy to be self sufficient AND work from anywhere independently. You might ask yourself why everyone isn’t doing it.

Focus on Work You Love and Are Paid For

Time tracking tools for digital nomads essentially tidy up and clarify your work management. This enables you to clearly see what projects and tasks are costing you more time, and which are earning you good money. As a result you’ll change the way way you approach your work, the opportunities you take and the ones you don’t. The result? - improved efficiency and revenue.

RemoteOne - The Ultimate Tool for Freelancers

Appear More Professional. Win More Work.

Becoming automatically more organised through digital nomad time tracking and other admin automation available with certain tools, such as RemoteOne, will essentially make you more employable.

Clients will like you more because you have it together. You’re not only on top of things you’re exceeding expectations. And without lifting a finger. Well, certainly less than before anyway. Good news, especially if you only have three fingers because you lost some in a totally bitchin’ snowboarding accident. *Salutes with misshapen devil horns*.

It’ll Earn You More Money

Ultimately all of these these perks will result in increased incomes, keeping that beach hut roof firmly over your head. Or affording you a bigger roof and maybe a pool.

By spotting your work trends and streamlining your business with an easy-to-use app, and by appearing more professional and trustworthy, you can increase your income. Explore more profitable opportunities and improve client relations, or indeed easily gain new clients impressed by your business.

And we all know more money will make you more attractive. It’s a scientific fact.

It’ll make running your digital nomad business simple

Being an international freelancer working with clients across the globe can actually be easy. Much easier than it might seem. The right time trackers and tools can automatically convert currencies and time zones, generate invoices and keep your project timelines simple and sophisticated.

No longer will you muddle endlessly over working hours and invoices, or have to repeatedly google currency and time conversions.

RemoteOne in particular aims to provide for the digital nomad, with time and currency conversion features, and the ability to assign them to particular clients so you always know from the get-go what time and rates you’re working with.

Secure Your Vagabond Lifestyle Today

So if you think digital nomadism is for you, if you’re ready to sack off the nine-to-five in Bromley, or have already taken that plunge into the Indian Ocean, consider digital nomad time tracking with Remoteone. Make maintaining your business and way of life easy and orderly. You can thank us later. Happy hunting.

Check out RemoteOne for all your digital nomad business management needs!

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